Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Choosing to appreciate my post-pregnancy body

Being pregnant is hard, giving birth could be harder, getting your pre-pregnancy body back could also be challenging and sometimes impossible. Some of us find it challenging to look at our mum-bodies. We compare it with that of others who seem to have the perfect body even after childbirth.

Hello!!! No two people are the same. We didn't go through the same things and definitely do not find ourselves in the same situations. So while I admire Mercy Johnson and Tiwa Savage and all those mums who look great few weeks after childbirth, I would not unduly stress myself into being like them because I AM NOT THEM. I would not be pressured into fitting into some post-pregnancy body ideal. The most important thing is that I was part of the miracle of creating another human being and I would not trade that for anything else in the world.

So mums please embrace your post-pregnancy bodies; embrace the stretch marks that have refused to clear, embrace the post-pregnancy belly that has refused to tone. Be confident in the fact that your are a mum, trim body or not. Someone called them "mummy-scars" and I agree. So long as they do not interfere with my being a good mother to the little one(s)  I am blessed to have, then I would not loose sleep over them. I would learn to love my post-pregnancy me.

Whenever I look longingly at my cloths which I can't fit into anymore as well as at pictures of my fit and trim pre-pregnancy self, I would look at my baby with utmost gratitude to God for the great privilege of having gone through pregnancy, childbirth and having tell-tale signs of motherhood on my body. I would also remind myself that I did not become part of the saddening maternal mortality statistics in Nigeria.


  1. I often wonder why some women feel ashamed of their bodies after childbirth. I see them as warrior scars. Thanks Chidimma for this encouraging piece.