Friday 19 February 2016

Expecting a baby? Here is a checklist of things the Nigeria-dwelling expectant mum should get in preparation for her baby's arrival

Once a pregnancy is confirmed, every expectant mum and especially the first time ones begin to make preparations for the arrival of the little one(s). It could get challenging especially with the current economic situation. Most mums often wonder what is needed and what is not, what can be substituted and what can be ignored.

The basic things to get for the arrival of the new baby should be almost similar world over but there often exist variations based on clime, culture and several other factors.  Nigerian dwelling mums have the environment and culture to put into consideration when choosing items for their babies.

 Below, in no particular order are items every expectant mum should get.

(1). Baby bath set. This usually comes in a set containing bath tub, soap dish, bucket, potty, container for babies toiletries and bowl for water. The contents of the set vary from one manufacturer to another. The set contains almost everything you should use to set up baby's bath corner during bath times.
Bath Set  (Source:

(2) Baby towel.

(3) Six or more Onesies. My friend calls them "pino pino". Usually used as underwear for babies. Can also be worn alone on very hot days.
Onesie (Source:
(4) Six or more overalls.
Overall (Source:

(5)Two or more baby caps. For covering the baby's head especially when the weather is cold.

(6) Six or more pairs of baby socks. Ensure you buy good ones whose band would not be too tight on baby's ankles or calves.

(7) Two or more bibs. You don't want baby's cloth stained by drool, milk or baby food.
Bib  (Source:
(8) Baby wash cloths. This has varied uses like cleaning baby's tongue, cleaning drool or stain off baby's cloth, placing on shoulders when carrying baby as they tend to suck everything near their lips at a point.
Wash cloths (Source:
(9) Baby's toiletries. These should include lotion, oil, soap, nail clippers, sponge, set of combs and cutting buds. Powder used to be among them but it's use is discouraged by pediatricians because of the risk of respiratory problems it carries. It is best to use soaps, lotions and oil of the same manufacturer.

(10) Baby cloths. Depending on the sex of the baby you are expecting, you could buy gowns or shirts and shorts. As many as you deem fit.

(11) Bassinet/Cot/play pen etc. Different kinds of products exist for lying the baby down. Mums should make their choices based on cost, convenience and preference. Mothers who intend to co-sleep with their babies buy bassinet where they keep the baby during the day as visitors are known to throng where ever there is a newborn. You simply put your baby in the bed where he/she can be admired. It is not recommended you let everyone touch your baby especially in their early days and weeks to reduce their chances of contacting infectious diseases.
Bassinet (Source:
Baby cot (
Foldable baby bed (Source:
(12) Insecticide treated nets. The need for this cannot be overemphasized. You definitely want to reduce your baby's exposure to mosquitoes and all other insects that pose health risks to your baby. Good insecticide treated nets can be gotten from pharmacies and health centers.

(13) A baby blanket and/or shawl. Used for wrapping the baby up especially when the weather is cold.

(14) A jumbo pack of baby diapers. You wouldn't want to start running helter-skelter looking for where to buy diaper soon after delivery. Newborns poo almost after every meal. Having a jumbo pack is not only economical, it also saves one the stress of running around so soon after delivery. When buying for a newborn baby, get the smallest diaper size. It is recommended you buy just a pack and watch your baby's reaction to the product. You do not want to pile up diapers you will end up not using because your baby's skin is sensitive to them. Buy one pack and if your baby's bum accepts it then you can go ahead buying more packs of same brand.

(15) A pack of breast pads. If you intend breastfeeding, then you need breast pad for leaky breasts. You would not want to be embarrassed by milk-stained blouses.

Image result for breast pads
Breast pads
(16) Soap for washing baby's cloths.

(17) Maternity pads and sanitary pads. Maternity pads are best used for the blood flow the first few days after which ordinary sanitary pads can be used when the flow must have reduced . Three to four maternity pads are usually recommended and about same number of sanitary pads.
Maternity pad (Source:
(18) 3 or more nursing bras. These ensure you don't unhook your bra or pull out your breast to breastfeed your baby. You simply unhook or unzip the particular cup on the breast you want to breastfeed your baby from.
Nursing Bra (Source:

Did I forget to add any needed item? Feel free to add what you feel is needed in the comment box.


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