Tuesday 20 February 2018

Making a good meal out of noodles

Many kids in Nigeria love noodles. Even if as a parent you do not prepare it in your house, the numerous adverts on TV, radio and billboards will pique your child's interest. When adverts in the media fail to do so, friends and classmates who bring it to school will make a child who is never offered noodles feel left-out. The stringy, melt-in-the-mouth nature of noodles makes it very fascinating to even picky eaters. The ease and convenience of cooking noodles as compared to other Nigerian foods make many parents keep packs of noodles handy. Despite what nutritionists may haveto say about it, noodles seem to have come to stay in the Nigerian market. 

Noodles are convenience foods. They, like all highly processed foods have little nutritional values, and should be eaten in moderation. 

Always ensure you make a good meal out of noodles before offering it to your child. Ensure you add fruits or vegetables to your noodles and a protein source. Your protein source could be fish, meat or egg. 

This is a pictorial suggestion how you can make good food out of noodles for your child
Plate of cooked noodles containing vegetables and egg. 
Noodles before cooking

Vegetables to be added to the noodles

Seasonings and oil that came pre-packed with noodles

Noodles cooked and ready to be eaten by a toddler
Garlic-buttered shrimps added to noodles

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