Saturday 24 February 2018

Beans puree

It is no news that knowing what to feed a baby who has started eating solids is often challenging, more so when the baby's parent is concerned about how healthy and nutritious what the baby consumes is. Sometimes, nutritious and baby-friendly foods need not look fancy and be exotic. A mashed or pureed version of adult foods can also make suitable baby food. Presented here is mashed/pureed beans suitable for babies around 8 months and above. 

This baby puree recipe is an adaptation of Chioma Ikejiofor of Mummysyum's 'Ukwa Beans'.
1 cup of black-eyed beans
1 bulb of onion
peeled/de-shelled shrimps (crayfish can be used in place of this )
About a tablespoon of palm oil
Some leaves of spinach (Ugu can be used in place of this)

  • Peel the beans (like you would peel beans meant for Akara or Moi moi)
  • Put beans in a clean pot, pour in just enough water to cover the beans then place on your heat source to cook.
  • Blend spinach, shrimps, and onions and pour into the pot.
  • Add palm oil
  • Cook until soft. 
  • For babies who have started eating textured or lumpy foods (about 9 months and above), you can serve at this stage. For babies still taking smooth purees and paps, you would need to mash or blend the food. 
Pediatricians discourage the addition of salt and most seasonings to baby food until the child is about a year old. So there is no need for salt in the food. Neither is there a need for the heat from pepper. Salt and pepper can be added to this recipe when preparing for children above one year old.

pictorial steps are shown below

Black-eyed beans

Peeled beans

shrimps, spinach leaves, and onions ready for blending
blended shrimp, spinach, and onions mixture

Mixture added to the cooking beans

Palm oil added at this point. Notice the change in color?

Beans is ready. This is suitable for babies who have started eating textured or lumpy foods.
Mashed/pureed version for younger babies

Packed and ready for storage in the freezer

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