Saturday 19 February 2022

Foods that aid Breast milk Production

Breastfeeding is a critical part of motherhood that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Breastmilk is composed from the foods consumed by the breast-feeding mum hence, the need to consume a healthy diet. 

As a new mom or intending mom, you are wondering if there are foods you can consume to support lactation. Consuming specific foods can increase your breastmilk production thereby making it easier for you and your baby. Since breast milk is the sole source of the newborn’s nourishment, it is important to ensure you produce an adequate quantity of it.

If you are worried your baby is not getting enough breastmilk to meet his demands, we got you covered with these list of foods.

Water/fluid: breastmilk contains more than 80% of water. Therefore, staying hydrated is essential to adequate milk production. Drinking up to 3.0l or 9 glasses of water daily will help boost milk supply.

Kunu: kunu is a local beverage made from fermented millet and sorghum, rice, and dried potato. This nutritious beverage contains carbohydrates, protein and fat which are essential for normal body functions

Pap: pap is made from fermented maize, millet or sorghum popularly called akamu, or ogi. It is packed with lots of nutrients and helps in boosting breastmilk production. For better nourishment, add any milk of choice.

Oatmeal: oat is a whole grain rich in dietary fibre with a wide nutritional profile. it is known to increase oxytocin levels in the body. It can be taken as pudding, mixed into a smoothie or consumed together with any soup of choice; it can also be used in making different confectioneries. 

Carrots: Carrot is a root vegetable rich in fibre, it adds colour and vital nutrients to the diet. Its phytoestrogen content is responsible for its lactogenic effects.

Green leafy vegetables: green leafy veggies are an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble nutrients, dietary fibre and other bioactive compounds that are vital for maternal nutrition and postpartum recovery. It is also an excellent source of phytoestrogen that may enhance milk let-down.

Sesame seeds are rich in protein, fibre and calcium and other vital nutrients needed for maternal nutrition. It is loaded with phytochemicals that promote prolactin secretion and improve milk supply. It can be consumed by adding to your homemade snacks, salads, pasta or processed into milk.

Nuts: nuts like cashew, almonds etc promote breastmilk production as they are rich in phytoestrogen. A handful a day offer vital nutrients such as healthy fats protein and calcium.



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