Friday 29 April 2016

Memoirs of an Nigerian Mum : Jedi Jedi, Nra, Ela.

Many Nigerian mums must have heard the terms jedi jedi, nra , ela or nla and can describe the 'treaments' for it.  Search as much as your internet savvy self can, there are only few reliable literature about that condition on the internet. I hope my experience gets to inform some mums about this very popular baby ailment in Nigeria.

My baby was few weeks old when i noticed this inflammed area around his neck, bum and the sides of his nose. Like most first time mums I was concerned. Visiting mums will notice it and scream. some called it jedi jedi, others said it was nra, while some called it ela. I released they were just different  names for the same condition. What scared me most was the treatment regimen they prescribed, from some sort of flower, to leaves, root, hydro-cortisone creams and even antibiotics (to kill the ones inside, they said). The treatment prescribed scared me more than the apparently painless condition. Some told me it would enter his intestines and make him pass greenish poo.
A baby's inflamed neck

I did a little research which included consulting a pediatrician friend of my hubby . I simply decided to give baby about one diaper free hour daily during which I laid him bare-butted on a mackintosh spread on either his cot or my bed and also apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly (vaseline) on his butt when changing his diaper. Within two weeks the fire-like coloration on his buttocks was gone.

The one on his neck took a little while to clear. My baby was quite chubby and drooled a considerable lot. This, I believe contributed to the neck case. I simply applied petroleum jelly frequently to keep the place greased. I did not notice when it cleared just like the one on his nose. I also did not avoid any foods as a result .

So when I hear or see people give herbs and all what not to very tender babies, I feel sad  Reading articles like This as well as talking to a pediatrician strengthened my resolve to handle things the way I did.

 I share my experience so other mums will learn and also relax when they see such issues. We often give medications unnecessarily to very tender babies. If in doubt in any issue concerning your child's health please contact a pediatrician. A second or even third pediatrician's opinion may not hurt. Getting advice from other mums despite how well-meaning can actually not always be of help.

I pray our children grow up to be strong and healthy

side view of the so called jedi jedi in a baby's neck

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