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The kidneys are a pair of essential organs situated on both sides of the spine below the rib cage. The organ plays vital functions for health, including maintaining acid-base balance, filtering wastes and removing it through the urine.

To maintain a healthy kidney, you’ll have to limit some foods and fluids so that other fluids and minerals like electrolyte don’t build up in the body. You should also ensure there is a balance of protein, minerals, vitamins and calories in the body.

1.     Choose and prepare food with less salt and sodium. Sodium is an electrolyte which function is to control the fluid balance in the body. Excess of sodium is more common problem, and may cause oedema, which adds pressure to artery walls, thereby causing hypertension.

To reduce your sodium intake,

  • Buy fresh foods rather than packaged or refined foods
  • Use natural spices and herbs rather than commercially produced spices
  • Limit the use of processed meats: e.g. sausage, hot dogs, bacon etc. these foods are very high in sodium
  • Eat more of home-made meals. Frequent consumption of “fast foods” increases the sodium consumption. 
  • Limit canned foods use: check for the sodium content on the Nutrition Information label on the food package- go for salt-free, reduced salt or no salt on the label. A label showing a Daily Value of 5% or less is low.
  • Be mindful of your table salt and soy sauce intake

2.     Eat the right type and amount of protein: protein foods are high in nitrogenous wastes. Consuming more protein than the body needs subjects the kidney to extra load.

  • Eat small portions of proteins

3.     Choose less phosphorus containing foods and drinks: too much phosphorus leads to calcium excretion from the bones, making the bones weak and thin.

To limit phosphorus intake,

·       reduce consumption of  dark colored soda drinks and   bottled ice tea

·        limit or avoid food with “phosphate” or “phos” ingredient in their names.

 Work towards keeping you kidney healthy because the build up of any of the nutrients or electrolytes in the bloodstream might cause a number of problems in the long run. Be mindful of your soy sauce and table salt intake. Try using a variety of new spices and herbs instead!

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