Thursday 5 November 2015

Memoirs of a Nigerian mum

I remember like yesterday the day I got a BFP (Big, Fat Positive) on the pregnancy strip. Having hitherto been disappointed, I didn't put my mind much on the test. The day I bought two PT strips at a chemist's shop, I also bought a packet of Ladycare sanitary pad and got prepared for whatever direction the tide turned. My period was 5 days late when I did the dip-stick stuff, happened that I messed it up, I decided not to repeat same day. I had all the pre-period signs; sore breasts, whitish discharge, and pretty look (am I alone in this?), two days after the first test, I repeated it and yes, the strip showed
a second and very obvious pink line. Then began my journey to being a FTM (first time mum).
Name the pregnancy symptom and I had it, probably in a bad way. Was bloated, vomiting, spitting, craving street food, eating ice cubes, nauseated , lactose intolerant, just name it. The kind of heartburn I had was better imagined. Last trimester I had what was described as "geographic tongue"; My tongue looked like on it was drawn the maps of various countries.
Like most FTMs, I went to hospital almost as soon as I confirmed my pregnancy, and would rush back there as soon as I noticed the slightest unusual symptom. Babycenter became my favorite website and Everywoman my favorite book. Need I talk about those awful prenatal vitamins? They made me feel like throwing up anytime I as much as perceived their smell, hubby kept drumming it into my ears how they would help the baby. At my first ultrasound scan I was diagnosed of having two uterine masses, they caused me such excruciating pains at about 16 weeks that I was rushed to the ER (emergency room) where my fears were calmed and I was given what I believe to be anti-inflammatory and pain medications.
My first trimester had me looking like a ghost of my former self, I recovered in my second trimester and even got a beautiful glow. Third trimester met me with a very big bump and a waddle like a duck's. On one eventful day in June, my journey through pregnancy ended in the labour room of one of the best hospitals in my area. I beheld my first child and unlike I was expecting, I just felt blank and emotionless. I didn't feel that rush of emotions most mums describe. Then my journey as a mum began.

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