Sunday 8 November 2015


Every mum seems to have gotten a bit of the scathing looks and comments that reek strongly of "you are a bad mum" from passersby and people around those moments our kids decided to throw their little tantrums. It amazes me as fellow mums seem to be the worst offenders ( if they can be thus described) in this, instead of the "keep calm, I've been there and I understand " look, they criticise the most.
Being a mum is one occupation everyone around you feels they can do better than you are doing. It annoys me most when the look or advice reeks of disdain. You go shopping with your kid who seems to demand everything he/she sees, you refuse some and oblige some. Lil master or mistress decides to throw a tantrum and you passerby feel my baby is disturbing ; please take a hike, or better still, go sit in a thrash can for all I care. Or my baby decides to babble, squeal or even cry in church, in as much as I'm trying to keep him calm, please do not shout at me nor even at my baby as you wouldn't like my burning look or the way I'd completely ignore you if you happen to be someone I'm friendly with.
Dear Informed mum, please do not overwork yourself just to please people around you. Sometimes when you can't handle the childish fits, ignore them and those around too. And if you are around a mum who is having that experience at that point in time, if you must react, give her a "I've been there look" or better still help her calm the child.
Our kids can really be overwhelming sometimes.

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